A time of splendor

NENEN CLASSIC holds great passion in preserving the romantic touch brought about by qipao. We strive to transform this pervasive quality into digital images and provide qipao photography service in a unique style.

For different people, qipao, the classic dress for Chinese women, may represent the elegance, style and subtlety of a woman. However you might see it, it is always an extension of the ego. Immense yourself in romantic atmosphere on your special day with NENEN CLASSIC, make a memory you will treasure.

“Good memories in Taipei” EAST photography package

 NT$ 18,000

(Same pricing applies to couples and families)


STEP 1: Make a reservation online or by email

Email: info@nenenclassic.com

Telephone: 886-2-25239959

STEP 2: Choose and try on your favorite qipao (30 minutes)

◎ Choose your favorite 3 piece from over 100 different styles and designs of qipao ranging from classic, characteristic to cute styles.

◎ Menswear and kids wear are also available.

STEP 3: Make up and hair styling (60 minutes)

Make-up & hair styling service for 1  female adult.

STEP 4: Photographing (60 minutes)
Our talented photographer will capture the best moments of you in your qipao.

STEP 5: Provide the whole digital file in a few days.

After receiving the file, choose 10 photos you like the most for further editing.

Nenen Classic・Your Very Own QIPAO Theme Party

NT$ 1800/ hour/per person

You and your friends can have your very own Qipao theme party, with the whole room of qipao that you can feel free to try on and take as many selfie or photos as you want.

  • We provide jewelries, accessory for you to use.
  • Two dressing rooms available.
  • Over 100 different styles and design of qipao for you to choose
  • 8 various kinds of shooting background

mail: info@nenenclassic.com

Tel: 886-2-25239959


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